Privacy Policy

Zingo is a trading style of 1 Stop Data Ltd (Registered in England, Company number 04176935).

1 Stop Data Ltd (OSD) is the world’s leading source of business information and insight.

Since 2001, 1 Stop Data has collected information about businesses to deliver products and services that assist our customers in making critical commercial decisions. 1 Stop Data’s global business database contains more than 30 million business records. Some of the information we collect may be classified as “personal data” under European Union (EU) law as it is information relating to an individual (e.g. a sole trader, a partnership, a company director, a beneficial owner, a trustee, a professional contact etc). This privacy notice provides the¬†information we are required to give in relation to the processing of personal data under EU law.

This privacy notice is applicable to all 1 Stop Data companies registered in the EU and those outside the EU.

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