Channel Marketing

What is Channel Marketing? 

Channel marketing is to build a network of venders and partners to sell your products and services for you.

How Does Channel Marketing Work?

Industry is constantly evolving, as is your sales channel. We work with you to identify key potential vendors and partners to build a re-seller network, delivering a pipeline of actionable marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for you and your sales / business development team to pursue.

Quality Not Quantity…

The most effective channel strategy is to establish an nurture a growing pipeline, onboarding good quality vendors and partners, then continue to grow and nurture the business network to help maximise your revenue streams.

Leads delivered in real-time!

Gone are the days when you had to wait for leads to be delivered via incremental data feeds and exports. With Zingo’s advanced lead processing platform, the very second someone registers on our custom landing pages, leads can be delivered to you instantly in real-time. - Executives