Social Marketing

More Than Likes…

As important as traditional marketing channels are, in this digital age it goes without saying that your social media presence is business critical for brand awareness, customer engagement, sharing, marketing, managing reputation and rapid customer service.

Managing the social sphere can be resource intensive… With social media marketing from Zingo, we make it easier for you to focus on the day job whilst we work on raising brand awareness, promoting your company, products and services . It couldn’t be simpler.

We’re in it Together!

You have the content or wording, and we have the know how to get the message out there in the most effective way.

With our social management solution and advanced hashtag techniques, we can quickly deploy your message, optimise exposure and monitor activity with real-time analysis.

We work with you to educate and support your customers, inspire and even entertain your community. Engaging with your followers elevates brand awareness, will help boost your reputation and in-turn can result in increased sales. - Meeting

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